Sunday, January 13, 2013

I know that the pricing is potentially prohibitive. You can complain about it :3
Thank you for your consideration (and enthusiasm).

Current commission slots go as follows:
1. Promz! - Deposit received!

Completed 2012 commissions:

Full background, two characters
OCs with simple background
Simple Portrait to be cropped as used as an avatar

Please direct your attention to these terms of service, available on my website

This is a loose guideline, with consideration for single characters only (even though some examples have additional). Additional characters or a 'custom' built image that falls in between or outside these points are welcome, but may require some consideration. If you have something in mind, try to describe it to me and I will give you an asking price.

'Cel-Style' shading refers to hard edges on characters and background elements, much like you would find in a cartoon. Cel-style is significantly less time consuming, hence there is a large difference in pricing.

'Paint-style' shading refers to a more 'traditional' approach to the image, which tends to look more 'realistic'. While the examples given of this style have no visible black outlines, doing so with such outlines is possible.

You may contact me using this site's message system or via email emilylorange AT gmail com (which is incidentally the paypal email!)

$25 - Full body 'sketch' - Example
$35 - Full body black linework - Example
$40 - Half body cel-style shading with limited background - Example Example Example
$60 - Half body paint-style shading with limited background - Example Example
$60 - Full body cel-style with limited background - Example Example Example Example (this one actually probably falls between limited and full background)
$90 - Full body cel-style with complete background. Example
$100 - Full body paint-style, limited background - Example Example
$120+ - Full body paint-style, full background - Example


  1. Hey Em! It's Dev! Hope all is well with you! I was working on some projects and thought of you! Any chance commissions are still open? And if so, do you accept paypal?

    Btw, saw your Breakaway comic. Amazing!

  2. D: I'm so sorry, I never got sent notification of this comment (qqqqqqq) Thank you for your kind words <3

    I have one slot still open.

  3. Is that slot open? I stupidly did not check this frequently! XD! If so SWEET! Can we converse via email? Seems easier!

    Thanks Em!