Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I tired, universe ;_;

The drawing part of this is close to done. Mostly it's a bit of costume research for the first panel so it can be tightened and finished. Concerns are turning to lettering now, not really sure what the best answer is yet (leaning towards doing it by hand). I'm sort of concerned about real estate for words in one panel, but there *should* be room. By sort of bleeding the panels together I think overall the final placement of word bubbles doesn't have to be quite as rigid.

It's tough to work at 300dpi and tell yourself 'hay mebbe this won't be legible at 72'.

And I took a bit of a 'break' to let my hand relax and started in on the background here, which is much looser ^^

Edit: Lol and then I was a genius and went 'hay wait I can set type on it and see if it fits rite nao'. The word bubbles should fit fine ^^

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