Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So you guys are pretty awesome. I had a lot of stuff go wrong in the last month and the little extra income I've gotten from commissions helped so much.

My old tablet broke. The one I bought in 2004 :( So now I have new ones! Plural! I got a medium Intuos4 for home, and the cheapest, sleaziest Bamboo I could find to travel with my laptop. They're not the most amazing things, but they're an awful lot like finding an old friend that I'd lost. Drawing's a lot easier now because I'm not fighting with my hardware.

My car broke. lol. My suspension wore out in such a way that one of my wheels wobbled, like a crummy shopping cart. Made it lots of fun to drive. So I got to pay to have that fixed. BAAAD CAR. BAD.

Yesterday I had a minor medical emergency that I got to pay for up front! AWESOME. PS the best time to get hiccups is when you're sore and nauseous from having a doctor poking around at your organs :(

ANYWAY where this pity parade is headed is: I'm running behind on commissions. Really behind. I have not forgotten you or run away with the money, I'm just up to my ears in shit. I came home from the hospital yesterday and had to lie in bed... and study for my accounting midterm today. And I have a paper due Friday. And a quiz Thursday. Really I have a busy forever.

Actually Breakaway will probably be late this week too...

Thank you for being patient with me. There's light at the end of the tunnel this weekend, but up to that point I have to practice pushing around numbers :(

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