Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well idk. I did work yesterday, saved the files, brushed my teeth, and came back to my computer going HI I REBOOTED FOR YOU. It's claiming to be a driver error, though I swear this thing has been presenting more as a memory error.

So whatever, let's do the works. I update the video drivers, uninstalled WoW,and left it to defrag/cleanup while I'm at work. I suspect this weekend I'll be getting on my hands and knees and cleaning all the dust out of it to see if it's happier. LIVE DAMN YOUUU.

But hey stuff was done so there.

Did my 'once over' which with crashing was more a 'fourteenth times over' to clean, and had a few last minute changes (fuuuuu hands). But it is done! Yay! Sort of breaks my rule of getting stuff done in a reasonable time though. I have a short attention span so this was getting to the point I was annoying :(

An Idea that needs more polish. Idea with capital I! Srs.

And I discovered that bamboo + laptop monitor is not conducive to small details, so I had to mash at them last night when I got home instead. I think I can get this done and prepare the next page for flatting/color tomorrow.

I'm sort of blah about how these are working out. I guess they're ok but... idk I think my mindset here isn't right. Learning experience learning experience cry cry. I like artsy things, not talking heads :(

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