Friday, July 23, 2010

Today we start off with a really bad city scribble. Oh well.

I've found a group of artists that have been really good for my productivity. Yesterday they introduced me to, which has a collection of 3d renders of the human muscle system in a variety of poses. There's even a simple flash tool that displays a random assortment for 30 seconds each, which is the closest I've gotten to gesture drawings in years.

I'm not very good at it, but got a bit better after about 20 minutes. I don't really value gesture drawings so yeah, I drew on top of everything XD This really loosened up my hand though, which made for a really enjoyable night of drawing in pencil (my back was really hurting, so I couldn't comfortably work at the computer last night).

I think I've managed to order these as I did them. Not sure.

I 'refined' the lines for 0-6 of Breakaway, so now they has clothes. These will probably be cleaned and ordered over the weekend. I tried, once, to draw the comic panels as my thumbnails laid it out. I can't. I hate it. They look terrible. So they're all individual drawings that get pasted together.

That's only half the page though, the other half (and the beginnings of the next page) got sketched last night. Rumors that I had to resort to images of raptor jesus to figure out how to draw the foot are exaggerated. Also for the first time I'm like, excited about this thing instead of guilty. After these two pages of NOT VERY GOOD PLOT I get to start having fun with my own characters.

Eep! And then I was like 'Wait I was supposed to do study stuff tonight' and did some work out of my foreshortening atlas. Because I still fail at male legs.

Hope this post wasn't too big? I tried to make sure it would break any layouts.

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