Monday, August 23, 2010

Well I'm back from vacation, and my boyfriend went home, so I have stuff and space for my scanner again. Hurray space, boo end of vacation and missing boy.

Had lots of time yesterday, so I sat down and finished the blood elf, on the prompting of an unrelated third party. It's ok. There are pieces of it I don't like now, the morning after (like the figures floating in the back, lulz), but really it needed to be finished, so now it is.

What I really wanted to work on last night and couldn't because of the belf. Made a quick compositional sketch idea before bed. Really like it. Maybe I should do a painted and a vectored version.

We were stranded in the airport for 8 hours thanks to your friends and mine, Delta Airlines. I'd bought myself one of those cheap crayola watercolor sets, for lolz. To keep myself busy I painted a little girl who was playing with a little farm set nearby.

Had another compositional idea, for a sort of fawn thing. And then it got weird. Didn't like the end result enough to even clean it up, but I like the idea anyway.

Scribblings that may amount to something, I'll see if I can piece it together by the end of the week.

Another compositional idea, with some very harsh perspective. Not sure if I'm that brave. Sorry if it's just a jumble of lines to you.

And gestures! Because dammit, more gestures. I still don't know if I'm getting any better by large leaps and bounds, but they're kind of fun at least.

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