Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blargarbl. At this point I have two commissions and a job all floating in the air and I can't do anything until someone emails me back and agrees to my terms (in the form of paying me :P).

I didn't do a whole lot yesterday due to just being too exhausted to try (I went to bed a lot earlier than my norm, too). But I did a wittle.

When I get angry at a drawing I tend to write stupid things on it to make me feel better. Was it really necessary that I save all the blank space in the file? No. BUT I DID ANYWAY.

And then stupid shit. Look, I'm allowed to draw stupid shit, ok?

I had to pull out my copies of the episodes to get a good reference of the Aerowing (and even then it's at the wrong angle, so I'm doing a lot of guessing), and laughed myself silly when I saw exactly how exaggerated I've gotten with the boots in comparison to the source material.

It's like that problem Warcraft has where every tier, shoulders get 10% larger.

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