Friday, May 6, 2011

Well the other page actually had enough changed to probably justify an update, but I did it all after lettering it, so you'll just have to live without.

I looked at this page today while preparing to upload it and it dawned on me just how terrible I am at writing. :/

And then this, which is just plain being bad at drawing.

My boyfriend tries desperately to keep me on task (especially difficult since I seem my happiest when I have 15 things in progress at once).

'Did you ever finish the bird drawing?'
'No ._.'

(I actually liked him enough I made him an appropriately sized wallpaper for my own desktop :D)

'What about the drawing of the druids?'
'No.... >>'

Look, they're not wearing jammies anymore!

Sketch idea for a commission. The character had tatoos on her back that I'm going to paint on for the lulz in PS.

And then I was like 'Let's vomit color on stuff'

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