Thursday, January 27, 2011

As I suspected, more color makes things take longer (shock). Also sort of worried this is getting too busy but ohwell I guess it's a learning process. Should be easy to finish off tonight.

Also was completly unexpectedly able to do all of my Alt-z page last night, so I think I am getting faster at such things (also I didn't have 9 characters to color arg). It's cute. Here's the version that hasn't been edited down to panels yet.

And because I was like whoaaa productive yesterday I started in on the last of two things I owe people. I figured out the problem was I was getting to cramped on one piece of paper so I drew two on one, and one on the other, and decided to try splicing them together. Seems to work pretty well. Maybe I can make some good progress on it over the weekend.

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