Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day9 broke his water glass at the end of his tournament cast last night, after he'd just explained a few days ago that his roommates were getting angry at him for all the broken glasswear. The forlorned look he gave the camera perfectly explained how I felt all day yesterday - what a crummy day.

ANYWAY, as per usual I wanted to do more last night but was roped into tanking heroic achievements by my guild leader (are you seeing a pattern here?).

I freaking BROKE my mechanical pencil. I don't know how. It's sort of ok now, but RAR.

Thank you to those of you who dropped by the Ustream last night while I worked on this. It's neeeearly finished but not quite, probably another hour of tweaking things. Instead of acknowledging that the perspective in the background makes no sense, I'm going to point out how pretty the color blue is.

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