Friday, March 18, 2011

I went to wowhead last night to get an idea of the markings on the cats, and discovered that 4.1 seems to be making Wintersaber considerably easier (reflecting the Horde equivalent in Un'goro).

Which means I get a goddamned cat! lol

I don't like this one nearly as much as when I finished it four weeks ago, and there are no word bubbles so maybe I already showed it, but today's where it fit in to the chronology. I guess it's good that I can recognize all the issues with it now, but I'd have prefered to produce something worthwhile!

I think I was burnt out from everything I did on Thursday, so last night I poked at this. I think I'll aim to get it done sometime this weekend. It's been kicking around for months now and it really does need to just be done. It's a good little piece, but thinking about it wastes time I can spend moving forward with other pieces and projects.

It really is just a few things left. Filling out the boots, finishing up the gold pieces, and trying to get the effect I want on the sword (which is tough damnit!).

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