Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The weekend was long and the flight back was hell (well ok not so much the flight back as the waking up at 4am my time to make it), so Monday I did a tiny bit of sketching but didn't find it worth the effort to plug in my scanner.

Yesterday I actually sat down and got back to work. Yay.

I decided that the Alt-z comic I had wasn't very good. It felt too long (I really want to keep most to 2 panels, with more elaborate ones for when I think of something more fun), the drawings weren't that great, and it wasn't worded right to be immediately funny. I like the idea behind it so I'll keep it for future use, but that's it.

But that means I have to draw a new one! So that's what I started in a morose daze on Monday, and then scribbled up before bed last night. I always like it when I've finished sketching and the expressions make me laugh. It's a good sign.

And then something else I did halfheartedly yesterday, we'll see where/if it goes anywhere.

And then I got to the page of Breakaway and worked on it for about three hours (there was a lot of dicking around in that three hours). I think it's nearly done, just a matter of correcting some details. It's also turned a bit grosser than I originally anticipated, so just a link today, with a warning that her clothes are coming off involuntarily.

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