Friday, March 4, 2011

This week's Alt-z

And then Breakaway

Just a link for this one because it's a bit...ouch - I've had a few comments to the effect of I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT AT ALL WTF lol

I finished this page and for the most part I'm back-patting.

I don't actually carry a sketchbook at the moment. I have one of those verrrrry classy business folders, that's bendy on one end and subdivided into 7 individually labeled sections (I guess for every day of the week). And yeah, lots of loose leaf paper. I think it's a phase but it's a nice, organized one for now.

Yesterday I realized it was getting kind of heavy so I went through all the folders and played a game of sink or swim with the various drawings. About of third of everything was simply tossed, but I did find a few that had been put away out of hopelessness, kept because they looked cool. I saved them and put them back into the 'queue' pile.

This is one of those. It started out as a gift for someone but that relationship is kind of done. The cool thing about warcraft characters is they're interchangeable tho, so now it's just a pretty priest :3 Something to work on in the airport (since my integrated wifi is dead, hurray).

And then some halfhearted work on this

And I found the actual flats that I forgot to upload yesterday.

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