Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arrrgh you guys this month is so stressful. It's not even the art. I'm pumping out shit at a pace that I've never done before and looking to find ways to add more in. It's just 'career' related things driving me up the wall. I have a maybe-couldbe-actual arty job that I'm negotiating terms on (gasp) and crossing my legs like a little girl who has to pee over waiting on my application to grad school.

So I worked on this until my hands started to hurt last night which turned out to be so late that I overslept my alarm this morning because yay. They're both extremely close to done. 1-9 I think needs a bit of value change to make the character silhouette easier to read, 1-8 just has so much fucking detail because tentacles (incidentally, I propose rule 34b: if it exists, somewhere it has been wrapped in tentacles).

I was thinking about the older versions of these that were missing all the color and reflecting on how dirty they looked D:

And then it turned out that these drawings are TINY but I still put too much detail in them so these flats took forever. It should be pretty easy from here though. A slight bit of shading to give it some depth, and then organizing the background into clear panels.

Can you tell what it's about? :3

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