Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ughhhh I'm going to have to give up and accept at some point that the whole reason for a buffer is weeks like this. I'm so tired ;_;

Also now that I'm using it for several hours every day, it's become somewhat clear to me that I need to order more pen nibs. Really I should just order a new pen, too, because mine has some hillarious house-fire related droop, but they're like $75 and it works so...

I guess while I pay my bills tonight Imma orderin pen nibs. Spent most of yesterday doing linework for various things, and took the easier two of the three breakaway pages I did to color. One close to done, the other no where near. lol

I made a character change on the Alt-z page because I'm petty and the original guy is being a shithead (when three people are telling you to shut up on vent during a critical moment and you don't, and then throw a fit over it, you're a shithead).

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