Monday, February 7, 2011

Ughughugh universe, it's monday and I was up too late last night. It's freaking freezing outside and my feet are cold and there's supposed to be another snowstorm tomorrow and it's really tempting to just call in dead.

Didn't like how the drawing of three was going so I tried again, this time with the idea of being at the beach. Drew up three separate ones and spliced them together, which seems to work oh so well (this would be too wide for one piece of paper anyway). I'm pretty damn happy. Whee.

Finished up Emily and Wildwing, with a cheap way to get out of drawing feet. FU FEET. Probably going to be looking into turning this into a background for a webpage for Breakaway. cool.

Looking at trying a different format for Alt-Z this week, smaller but with more panels. Also dargons.

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