Friday, February 11, 2011

Arrrrgh I drew up a storm yesterday and I think I managed to get a repetitive stress injury in my index finger (wtf lol). Naughty naughty naughty. I'm going to have to start doing those routines of stretches that pro StarCraft players do when they ladder for 7 hours.


My guild sucks at the elevator boss!

The lettered version of the comic I made several weeks ago (zomg I'm like 5 weeks ahead now, so cool).

In the same vein as the ducky one last week, I thought I should draw an image for an Alt-z webpage layout. I like Amy but I'm not sure about Sol. It does not help that there is a giant DICK on druid T7 that now that I've seen, I cannot unsee.

Also, Alt-z has no buffer and I know I'm taking a vacation at the beginning of march, so I thought I should draw something in advance and not have to work too hard while there. So here's sketches for the next two weeks of Alt-z.

The second one is going to be freaking epic. I got water on it but Amy's face is just so damned hillarious I'm going to save it.

And then the two completed pages of Breakaway. Mostly it was a need to call it done and move on. Mustn't linger! 1-8 actually had more tweaking on the color after I added letters, but TOUGH. Also 1-9 I decided didn't need words... oh and I didn't upload it so I guess none for you and I'll sit on it until it's actually it's turn to be posted 9.9

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