Thursday, February 3, 2011

Late post today because I spent most of it busy at work getting my hands torn up again. Not nearly as bad as the last time, but I guess my dream of being a hand model (yes, that is a real profession) won't happen this week either.

I did a bunch of sketching yesterday and then spent all night with *indecision* because I could decide what to work on.

Cleanup of Alt-Z, which I clearly have to finish tonight after raid

Filed away a pile of sketches that weren't ever going to go anywhere, and came across this one. It became apparent very fast why I never completed it, but I think some good can come of it.

Really fast hard lines on the Emily sketch, which should be all I need to color it how I want.

And that page of Breakaway finished just a link tho since it is a bit gross.

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